ACDA Fall Fest Beach Classic

Date November 23, 2019
Address 2300 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, PA 17110

About ACDA

Since our inception in 1991, we have been devoted to bringing you excellence in cheer and dance competitions. We are committed to fair, well-orchestrated events that are fun for the participants, coaches, and fans. We have been innovators in the Spirit industry, creating: “Reach the Beach” beach-themed nationals, “Surfy” the Spirit Shark, vacation giveaways at events, and the EPIC Rewards program. We believe that participation in athletics is a tremendous opportunity for young people to learn the value of teamwork, goal setting, and dedication to excellence. We feel that the values learned as a member of a cheer or dance team will carry over to future success in other endeavors throughout life. To this end, we are committed to offering you the very best in all we do.